Alejandro Garnacho has been named Manchester United’s Player of the Month for December, recognized for his outstanding performances and dedication on the pitch..lisa

Alejandro Garnacho once again took center stage in a Manchester United team that couldn’t keep their head above water thanks to Erik Ten Hag. However, that did not stop the Argentine striker from being in outstanding form, which is why he was once again chosen as the Red Devils’ player of the month thanks to his performances throughout December.

centredevils. on X: "Alejandro Garnacho with his #mufc December Player of  the Month award" / X

The team led by the Dutch technical director played 8 matches during the last month of 2023 and the balance is negative: they lost 5, drew 1, and won only 2, they are ranked 8th in the table Premier League, in addition to qualifying for international cups. , and worse yet, they ranked last in Group A of the Champions League, so they only have the English National Championship and the FA Cup ahead of them. Worse still, in these eight matches, he was only able to score six goals, four of which had Garnacho’s direct participation: he scored two and provided two assists.

Có thể là hình ảnh về 1 người, đang chơi bóng bầu dục, đang chơi bóng đá và văn bản

Alejandro Garnacho’s goals in December with Manchester United

Manchester United’s December started with a 1-0 defeat to Newcastle but they recovered quickly with a 2-1 win in a classic against Mauricio Pochettino and Enzo Fernández’s Chelsea, where Alejandro Garnacho assisted for Scott McTominay. After three more losses (0-3 with Bournemouth, 0-1 with Bayern Munich and 0-2 with West Ham) and a 0-0 draw with Liverpool, the Red Devils bounced back with a stunning 3- 2 ahead of Aston. Villa of Emiliano Martínez, where Bug was dispatched with a double. Finally, they close 2023 with a new fall, now 1-2 against Nottingham Forest, and the Argentine assists Marcus Rashford.

Alejandro Garnacho’s unexpected tribute to Cristiano Ronaldo

Manchester United easily defeated Wigan 2-0 in the FA Cup third-round match. Alejandro Garnacho started and was in great form, but a new small tribute to his idol also went viral: Cristiano Ronaldo. The young player of the Argentina national team and the character of the Red Devils always clearly show his enthusiasm for CR7. This time, the image that went viral and was seen as a small ‘tribute’ to the Portuguese was that during the match, Garnacho lifted his shirt a little and you could see his underwear, which is the trademark of the Portuguese top scorer.

That's gymnastics not football!' | Gary Neville stunned by Alejandro  Garnacho goal | Video | Watch TV Show | Sky Sports

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