North West Caught Side-Eyeing Kim Kardashian’s “Fake” Friends at Family Party, Unveiling Mom’s Deep Concerns.TB

KIM Kardashian’s daughter, North West, has been caught by fans throwing shade at her mom’s friends.

A prominent scene featuring the mother/daughter duo resurfaced on an Instagram fan account.

During the third episode of The Kardashians Season 5, Kim, 43, and North, 10, arrived at a social gathering, which included Khloe Kardashian, 39

“Hey guys!” Kim squealed.“Hello! Hi! How are you?” Khloe and her female companions responded in a high-pitched voice.North rolled her eyes as she placed her hand on her hip.hloe wrapped her arms around her niece and teased, “I love your side-eye.”

Kim seemed upset as the aunt/niece duo bonded and embraced.“Hold me? Will you hold me!” Khloe jokingly repeated, as if she were trying to ease the tension.




In the comments section, viewers claimed Kim seemed scared that her “annoyed daughter” would embarrass her in front of her “fake friends.”

“That’s why I don’t blame North for acting the way she does. I have a mother that acts differently behind closed doors!” one viewer shared.

“My mom was always different around outsiders. I ended up looking like a disrespectful brat in public (like North) because I would be annoyed by her fake-loving persona,” another viewer mentioned.

“Probably being surrounded by fake adults her whole life has probably made [North] distrust/dislike all adults,” a third viewer suggested.

“Kids usually act like this around people when their parents start gossiping around them. Kim looks terrified that North might do something,” a fourth person wrote.

“Kim is VISIBLY nervous when she’s around people with North. ‘What is my child going to do now?’” a commentator chimed.

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